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ICO Voting — a unique instrument that was created to help you make decisions about investing your assets in one or another start-up on the stage of ICO.

Now you already can:
  • get information about all on-going ICO in the world from the section ICO Info;
  • see summary ICO Rating results.

We want to suggest you making the following step — sign up for the project.

Your advantages after registration:
  • Free access to the carefully verified set of information that is enough to make investment decisions;
  • The opportunity to vote for one or another ICO, comment your rating and any information material that you can find in ICO Voting;
  • THE PRIZE POOL: participation in the distribution of 100 000 tokens* at the end of the ICO FUNDERY**.
* 100 000 tokens is equal to 100 000 $. ** Fundery — ecosystem, the technology that is the basis of the ICO Voting.
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Why ICO Rating?
  • Our rating is composed not by the anonymous experts on the base of some created by them methods, but by unlimited number of the potential ICO-Investors. Thus, methods of the ICO Rating formation are build on the benefits of collective intelligence. It's common knowledge that decisions and assessments that were made collectively are more deliberate and rational than an expert position of a single expert.
  • Thanks to record all results of the voting on the Blockchain, the rating is absolutely transparent and has the most secure from falsification of results.
  • We use simple and transparent mechanisms of protection from «cheating» that can influence honesty of our rating:
    • the protocols of the voting with a unique code of a person who voted are put in the Blockchain;
    • for all calculations we use simple mathematical formulas which we do not hide from anyone. More detailed information is available in user's guide.

More detailed information is available in user's guide.