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We live in interesting times, very rapid development of technology particularly the Internet is evolving so fast that betting activities has long stepped far forward. Today we are asked to supply not just for some sports events, but also for computer games, some 10 or 15 years ago seemed to be something incredible.

eSports today is a key direction for the major bookmakers. It's a whole untapped market where bets are accepted on the virtual competition where are applied of computer technology. It is no secret that the classic computer game the person takes control of gameplay. The essence of competition, despite the non-standard wrapper, is not changing - it's still a competition of 2 people who are now using, not the ball or the racket, and the computer.

In eSports are not used in the game where the developer laid the element of chance can surpass the playing skills of the user. There are also several key areas, the main games played by gamers around the globe. They differ strongly enough. The global volume of e-sports in five years is able to grow almost three times closer to the mark of one billion dollars.

If you have the desire to make money by placing bets in the industry or to gain something that will make investment in the development of this field, then you will be able to help the project eGold.


ESports today is growing rapidly, and increases the interest of the people to bet on certain games and to earn on it. But again to solve the problem of unfair firms-intermediaries, delay in payments or do they cancel, does the project egold. They build the overall ecosystem in order to safely bet on these games using cryptocurrency, using all their advantages.

Now all gamers and viewers worldwide will be merged and everyone will be interested in developing this industry, since each will benefit. This will be the best and safest earnings in eSports and online gaming.

Now all the borders are erased and the platform will be decentralized and presented at its best. A test version will be available before the sale of tokens.

The industry of eSports is very difficult, but it gives you the opportunity to earn good money, because it is constantly evolving, never standing still, which attracts both players and spectators. This is not a simple game of recent years, which are losing their relevance and interest of the players. Here is the drive, a lot of viewers, a large amount of money.

Even now they are regulated by local and global authorities. But the idea of the project to get rid of this power become available to every person on the globe and be the first one to do it. What will implement and maintain project team:
game developers roll out monthly revisions, patches, updates game mechanics, which could significantly change the playing field and rules to keep their competitive games fresh, clean and nurture the fierce competition among the players.

The company UltraPlay has the largest sales team in eSports in size and quality information. Also it gives absolutely free eSports feed offer the following:
-pre-match odds;
-live stream matches;
-live odds. is already more than most of the paid odds feed on the market today. Just look at these figures: during perforomist release, over 100 companies have integrated the API in their platform!

UltraPlay was the dominant force and industry standard cyber odds. In the early fall of 2016 the total number of clients of the company rates exceeded 250,000 / month, with a turnover of in the millions, and growing at 30% or above per month. The company has 10,000,000+ Betting on eSports, processed to date.


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