Midas Protocol ICO (MAS Token): Blockchain Asset Portfolio Manager?


Midas protocol is a blockchain based portfolio and crypto-asset management platform. The platform enables investors manage, buy, sell, and exchange crypto assets all under one roof without necessarily having technical expertise. 

Midas Protocol offers a wide variety of services that provide solutions to current issues that cryptocurrency investment face. The services include: 

Midas Protocol Services 

Midas Wallet 

the use cases for the wallet include easy conversion of crypto assets to fiat, storing of various cryptocurrencies, analysis and trading of cryptocurrency, and spending of cryptocurrencies on platforms that accept cryptocurrency as means of payment. 

Advanced Ordering 

the platform will have various order types that help traders in monitoring of the market and therefore minimize the risk that they might be susceptible to in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Trailing stop-loss order, Conditional trailing stop-loss order, Multiple Standby orders and DSL for Programmable ordering are some of the order types that users can access. 

Portfolio Management 

the platform has a portfolio page that provides users with a summary of their portfolio status. They can also monitor how much their accounts are worth at that moment. It has deep learning algorithm that assists users to re-adjust the allocations in their portfolios, which helps them maintain high returns. Users will also receive notifications through the mobile application in case of events in the market that can affect their portfolio such the drop or rise in the prices of the cryptocurrency that users are holding in their wallets. Additionally, the Midas platform allows users to compare their portfolio performance with the market average.

Opportunity And Threat Detection 

the platform will carry out technical analysis on cryptocurrencies on behalf of investors to identify good entry or exit points in order to maximize profits and minimize loses. It will also utilize blockchain to detect and notify traders of movement of large amounts of coins. 

Trader/ Investor Leaderboard 

the leaderboard will allow investors view top investors or traders who are ranked according to portfolio performance. The platform will provide suggestions to users on the best traders to follow based on similarly of that traders portfolio to theirs. 

The Platform’s utility token is known as the MAS token. Token holders can use the tokens to purchase services on platform or to follow and copy trading rules on the platform. The tokens are also used to fund the Midas Foundation whose main role is the analysis of high-tech projects that require funding before they are submitted to Midas token holders for voting. Top traders on the platform also receive the tokens as bonuses. 

Why Invest In The Midas Platform? 

Voting Rights 

Tokens holders have voting rights for new functionalities that should be implemented on the platform as well as new startup projects that the Midas foundation should invest in. 

Value Increase 

As the number of the platform’s users increases the demand for the MAS tokens will also increase this will result in the price and the value of the tokens increasing over time. 

Opportunity To Earn 

Top traders can earn MAS tokens by allowing others users to subscribe to their activities and follow or copy their buy/sale orders. 

Parameters Of The ICO 

  • Token: MAS 
  • Total tokens: 500,000,000 
  • Total tokens on offer: 250,000,000 
  • Pre-sale date: 16 may – 10 July 
  • ICO sale: 01 July – 15 July 
  • Soft cap: 5,000 ETH 
  • Hard cap: 18,000 ETH

Source: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/

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