Presale Ventures ICO (EVENT Token): Blockchain Startup Venture Fund?


What Is Presale Ventures? 

The new platform is basically a decentralized atmosphere for venture funding. It’s all designed to be a see accelerator that will operate strictly for startups using blockchain technology. You can get in early on the new system and be a part of the secret group of investors that benefit from a multitude of early-stage bonuses. 

It’s for people looking invest into legitimate blockchain technology funded platforms, projects, and systems. And especially for people who want to get in with investments during highly discounted seed stages prior to the ICO is completed. 

How Does Presale Ventures Blockchain Startup Venture Fund Work? 

The focus in on blockchain technology and will tap into the power of the crowd. By fully utilizing crowd funding in the right way, with all the proper methods, as well as the benefits of group buying – and all in one innovative, state of the art system online, Presale Ventures promises to give users the best early-bird investment platform. It will be the place where users can go to get the best insights and information on all of the different investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space before anyone else does. 

The financial opportunities online right now are simply astounding. In the past, they have been reserved primarily for people with massive networks who spend a crazy amount of time online. And only the wealthiest investors with the highest net-worth were able to participate in many worthwhile investment opportunities. But with Presale Ventures, that is said to no longer be the case because of the way the system will operate. 

Investors will be able to get in on the startups of tomorrow prior to anyone else who is online with the help of the new platform. Specifically, in on the blockchain startups that are currently appearing in numbers never before seen. And through the unique methods of operation used by the company, its business model and unique fundraising experience, Presale Ventures will provide some of the best added value of any company to investors and the startups who are looking for them. 

It’s designed to be a platform to push the next level of fundraising. Because with pre-sale ventures vision, they promise to create one of the most thorough, sustainable environments that is completely dedicated to the incubation of new investments and the team behind them. PSV has a business model that is highly unique to anything seen in the industry before. It’s hybrid model consisting of commercial applications and business methods that have proven solid in the past. They are being adapted for a screening procedure that will weed out any mechanisms not needed but implement the contractual ones as seen in blockchain technology. The platform is an online platform that basically has a lot of new perks for startups and investors.

There are different levels of service, one of them is the basic one which will give investors the power to get in as early birds on investments. Not only that, but to purchase tokens and other digital assets before anyone else does at a pre-determined discount from the company starting its ICO. They’ll also utilize the power of community as well, included algorithm and crypto experts for advanced screening processes that will weed out unworthy startups, so only the best online are on the platform. Startups will have to demonstrate and actual, verified possibility for their business to get in on the platform.

And the company also points out that the most important role of them will be to select only the best, most advanced and profitable startups that are safe for investors using the platform. And it’s because of that they must always stay neutral when selecting a startup company for the platform. Integrity is a must when going through the process, otherwise the people using the platform will suffer greatly and not trust the platform with their funds. The proposal is that users will get discounts as high as 60% when buying tokens or other digital assets given out from the ICO startup firms. And because of the heterogenic properties seen as well as worldwide spread of investment communities, a very specific type of effective investors association is a must for the platform to work properly. Presale Ventures has a belief that membership is a proven concept that can be used to create purchase groups to fully realize their vision.

They’re planning for the long haul and any professional athlete who records their training and schedules it out, so they can win and use their full potential to hit their peak are the type of people their basing part of their vision on. The company wants to perform at their best when the most significant days of investing are happening. And they are making it part of their journey as mediators and enablers of the ICO environment to create a system that operates better than any other system online for their investors and the startups who are involved with them. It’s said that they are going to have one of the richest and most diverse cultures of any cryptocurrency online as well.

They are also going to replace the SAFT with smart contract event tokens that are discounted and will be generated at the launch of a startup. Payments will happen with Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfers and Fiat deposits if the country is non-regulated for the platform. A turnkey incubator is going to be used to help develop startups and train them with the blockchain technology setup and application. There is also a cryptocurrency exchange installment for ventures that go through pre-sale successfully. New startups will be able to list their tokens first on the platform, even prior to startup ICOs. The portfolio of 10-20 handpicked startups with potential will also be built using the Presale Ventures Acceleration Fund

Presale Ventures EVENT ICO Details 

The ICO is currently in the pre-order for tokens and you can download the whitepaper as well as the WP summary document to see it you’re further interested. The ICO is going to start in 24 days. 

Who Is Behind Presale.Ventures? 

Sergey Ost is the CEO and David Hava is the CBDO. Aviv, Eilon is on for legal counsel to ensure the company stays in accordance with all the needed regulations. Timur Shemsedinov is the CTO, and Tal Eilon is the head of organization development. Yuri Snigur is the IT adviser and Eytan Ashtamker is the marketing director. Vitalik Daniloff is an early investor for the platform. Tzofia Gaash is the customer relationship manager and Alexey Orlenko are one of the software engineers as is Myokola Bilochub.  

Together they live and breathe startups, investors and the fundraising needed to help them accelerate and succeed. Since 2015, the founders of the company have handled more than 50 startups worldwide successfully. And under the brand Marketing Innovation Worldwide in cities around the globe like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Singapore and Rio De Janeiro. 

Presale Ventures Conclusion 

Along with everything seen above, the company is offering a unique investment opportunity. Only members of the platform will be able to participate in ICO presale events and can be awarded the 60% discounted token prices. The discounts are typically only seen by funds, companies and institutions. Startups will also get some unique bonuses. For example, they’ll immediately get positive outcomes as a startup one the presale is completed. 

And as a preparation for any companies, to help them with their ICOs which are extremely hard to go through without help. Presale Ventures will take on a lot of responsibility to reduce the amount of pressure that a person goes through, without them having to spend more money. Once a startup goes through presale with their maximum goal achieved, they are marked for potentially receiving more funding – the funding is given out of a pre-determined budget taken from Presale Ventures’ Acceleration Fund.

You can learn more at Presale.Ventures, where you’ll see a full list of the FAQs as well. The company has a massive team running it who is taking advantage of the huge opportunity of investments currently appearing. They’re looking to help the startups, investors and industry as a whole – keep an eye on this company if you’re looking to get started with cryptocurrency. If you’re already involved in the space, then you already know the power of what’s happening with this innovative new company Presale Ventures that is looking to genuinely find solutions for the industry. 


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