Revizor-Coin ICO review


The revizor principle is the creation of a variety of tools that enable the filtering of an exchange of cryptic assets that are deliberately unknown and uncertain.

This implies the creation of RevizoR online exchange system from non-liquid asset cryptosystems on RevizorCoin Exchange will be done automatically. For each category of coins it will be a profitable path to everyone. The degree of liquidity of certain crypto assets is ultimately determined by the market itself.

Because Revizor's goal is to identify unwarranted projects that convince many participants and do not fulfill their obligations, there is a need to filter out cryptic currency information.

Among the basic rules of its existence can be called as follows:

The flow of information on RevizorCoin TV will be based entirely on clarifying new technologies to improve blockchain, making new ICOs, making polls, etc.TV will be broadcast in three bands all the time in various broadcast formats. Thus, we can reach the maximum number of viewers. Also, an online broadcast through the Revizor site is being prepared.

Development Plan

The main advantage of the Revizor project for both traders and other private investors is that cleaning the cryptic currency market systematically will fill it with only promising assets from its core point of view. Total spend 800 million RevizorCoin:

  • 30% coins will be distributed at ICO stage.
    Conditions for exchange of non-liquid coins: buy 1 RR on the stock exchange, the wallet is opened with the possibility to exchange non-liquid tokens to this wallet.
  • 70% coins are reserved for non-liquid exchange of cryptographic assets at RevizorCoin.
    This project is required in connection with the daily receipt of this currency. The situation described above is hypothetical.


Revizor will enable the cryptic currency market to move to a new level qualitatively, and thus will be the starting point in attracting a substantial amount of investment by increasing the credibility of cryptographic active assets.


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