Tatch Capital Limited

Tatch Capital Limited


Proprietary trading firm, holding structure for owning investments and assets, commercial transactions and international trading operations, ICT hardware and services, consultancy and personal services.

Pre-ICO: 100 000 TATCHCOIN Tokens Exchange rate: 7$ Goal: 150 000$ Date: 01/05/2017 21:32:00 UTC – 01/06/2017 21:33:00
ICO: 1 000 000 TATCHCOIN Tokens Exchange rate: 7$ Goal: 6 000 000$ Date: 01/07/2017 21:33:00 UTC – 31/12/2021 21:33:00


Tatch Capital Limited acts as a private company doing sole proprietary trading based on company's discretionary trading strategies.
The Company is not restricted to any market, product or service.
The Company is active in HIGH RISK INVESTMENTS on leveraged and margin markets.
Most transactions and orders are traded in Forex, Bonds, Stocks, ETF (Exchange Traded Funds), cryptocurrencies and other financial products; using Company proprietary analysis tools.
The Company has been built on the ‘Minimal Viable Costs (MVC) concept to focus on efficiency and costs reduction.
By resorting chiefly to fundraising, the Company significantly reduces fixed costs.

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Materials (2)
Tatch Capital Limited - review 27.12.2017
The Company acts as a retailer who buys and sells on the world’s largest financial markets.
How do we Plan to Achieve our Goals 27.12.2017
We mean to achieve cost effective viability from the start and to that end we believe in simplicity. We apply a two step strategy that will put us in a position to scale up or down quickly and cheaply.